Work On A Rotten Day
Astrological Advice for Outwitting Conniving Coworkers, Slacker Staff, and the Boss from Hell

Hazel reveals what the stars say about how to survive and thrive in the workplace. Understand your personal work ethic and use the power of your Sun sign to manage the boss, get along with even the surliest coworker, and survive office politics. If you are the boss, discover the secrets of how to keep your best staff happy and motivating even the worst slacker. Seeking the perfect career? Learn what you need to succeed and five of the best professions for your Sun sign.

"Work on a Rotten Day gives you an astrological roadmap that you can follow to tune into your natural strengths, avoid your personal pitfalls, and dazzle those with whom you work, no matter how exasperating. It even teaches you clever ways of teasing out your colleagues' Sun signs so that you'll have all the wisdom you need to succeed. Beautifully formatted, insightful, and fun, it's a must-read for anyone faced with challenges at the office or difficult people from other areas -- which I suspect is 99% of us!"
Vicky Oliver, Author, Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots

"Work on a Rotten Day is the most timely astrology book available. Hazel dishes out great advice (as usual) with humor and just enough whoop-ass to make things modern, fun, and "snap out of it" effective. We all need to read this book, especially during unsteady economic times. Thank you, Hazel!"
Bridgett Walther, Author, Conquer the Cosmos

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Friends On A Rotten Day
The Astrology of Friendships

Lovers come and go, spouses and partners never seem to understand, and sooner or later, the kids grow up and leave home. But our girlfriends sustain, nurture, and protect us from the cradle to the grave. Learn what makes your friends tick on a soul level through Hazel's in-depth astrological analysis of each Sun sign. Discover her inner character, friendship style, love style, and party style. Find out the best gifts to buy her, how to calm her down, cheer her up, and return the unconditional support and love that she gives you.

"Brilliant, artful, and spot-on zodiacal dissection of everyone you know and love (including yourself), celebrating their good sides but pulling no punches when it comes to their rotten ones and what you can and can't expect them to deliver. Will inspire you to reorganize your phone list in zodiacal order." Stella Hyde, Author of Darkside Zodiac

"I came away from reading Friends on a Rotten Day with a whole new understanding of the term "kindred spirits." The more I learn about star signs, the more helpful they are for choosing both girlfriends...and boyfriends! Thanks, Hazel, for a terrific book. I'm buying copies for all my soul sisters!"
BJ Gallagher, Author of Friends Are Everything

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Love On A Rotten Day
An Astrological Survival Guide to Romance

Got the hots for a passionate Aries? Dying to dump a Scorpio? Keep a wandering Gemini home or get rid of that clingy Libra? Hazel walks the wild side of the zodiac in this sexy, uninhibited guide. She delivers the goods on the cheaters, manipulators, brats, nutcases, and nymphos.

" An honest and uproarious guide to losing and finding your true soul mate, Love on a Rotten Day is this century's answer to the timeless query, "What's your sign?" Irene Smallwood, Astrologer

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Born On A Rotten Day
Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiac

Forget traditional astrology books where Sagittarians are gregarious, Capricorns are ambitious, and Pisceans are dreamers. Instead, enter a world where Archers are loud-mouthed bores, Goats are pompous social climbers, and Fish are chronically helpless. Discover how to use your own inner brat to outwit bullies, outmanuever manipulators, and deal with those dysfunctional people you encounter every day.

"Funnier and franker than your best friend after three drinks, Hazel reveals the black holes among the stars."
Mathew Abergel, Author of Gay Stars and Work Your Stars

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